Entramados-pintura y traje- solo exhibition Museo del Traje- Madrid-2008

Entramados is the starting point of a special project that gathers costumes and paintings in order to create a pictorial space, where the visitor can have a walk inside.
The exhibition is organised in several sections, displaying the relationship and strong connection between painting and sewing.
In spite of their different functions and shapes, both can express inner feelings of the human being through colour, form and material. The display shows us how the bidimensional and abstract aspect of painting completes the physical and functional nature of costume.
Their union contributes to drawing a colourful and dynamic field in a space where characters portrayals seem to materialize in the hanging of costumes.
The exhibition underlines plastic and narrative connections between pictorial forms which escape from the frame and the colourful fabrics of the empty costumes. By “knitting” these connections in the space, the spectator can invent his own story and feel the work of art from within.