VISIONS- solo exhibition Chapelle Boondael- Brussels, Belgium-2019

"I would like to dive into the shadow what is too visible". Praise of the shadow, Tanizaki.

In connection with the Boondael Chapel, Hélène Picard has designed an exhibition project in dialogue with the place, questionning this much sought-after sense: sight.

From the chromatic brightness to the half light where we guess forms, the artist offers a sensory journey among paintings, clothing and textile accessories inmersed in bright light or darkness, thus training the viewer to constantly change his perception and to question his vision.

The light catches the eye, it inevitably goes there like moths. What is clearly seen reassures. What shines, even dazzles, charms the retina to the point where you can still see its brilliance with your eyes closed. But the shadow? What's going on in the shadows? The shade destabilizes, the colors merge there, the forms lose their contours, a visual clutter appears where mental and occular images mix.

Navigating from the luminosity of diaphanous watercolors, the brilliance of jewelry, gold, glitter, incandescent reds to thick coats, indigo black and backlit faces, the exhibition offers a journey from the most attractive spontaneous for what is ultra visible to the discovery of the hardly visible.

VISIONS inmerses the spectator in the surprises of the gaze, between what is seen and guessed, between what the appearances of the visible offer and the fantasized and interior visions revealed by the darkness, to finally ask oneself: " what is seeing?"